Performance Pledge
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  • Time:2020-05-18
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Performance Pledge

1. Our large-scale production enables us to have sufficient guarantee in the supply of products. The supply of conventional products can be started after the signing of the contract, and the supply of special rod orders can be started 15 days after the signing of the contract.
2, ensure that the raw materials used are in line with national standards.
3, through strict process supervision and product acceptance to ensure that the factory products meet the national standards.
4. In the process of participating in and completing the bidding work, fulfillment of supply contracts, after-sales service and product operation, excellent style and punctual supply left a good and deep impression on customers, which was praised by provincial and municipal (county) electric power companies, and made contributions to the development of local and national electric power industry.

The company guarantees to do better than before in the future service, to provide customers with more thoughtful, efficient, quality service.