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How to extend the service life of cement pole
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Manager Meng Hongwei is Shandong Jining May Fourth outstanding youth, Shandong Province ten best self-improvement model welcome pro-old customers to negotiate with the factory, the main products: Prestressed Φ150×7 meters pole, Φ150×8 meters pole, Φ150×10 meters pole, Φ190×10 meters pole, Φ190×12 meters pole, Φ190×15 meters pole, Φ230×15 meters pole; Reinforced concrete Φ190×10 meters pole, Φ190×12 meters pole, Φ190×15 meters pole, Φ230×15 meters pole, Φ190×18 meters pole, Φ230×18 meters pole, partially prestressed 12 meters 15 meters 18 meters large bending moment pole, Φ300, Φ400 equal diameter pole, Fully able to meet the requirements of high and low voltage lines and 10kv, 15kv, 35kv, 110kv, substation structure, but also according to user needs, the production of other specifications of products. With years of experience and strength, the company is committed to the forefront of the cement products industry. Qufu Song Li Power Engineering Co., LTD., (mobile phone/wechat: 13639411999) is the production of various ring cement concrete pole, equal diameter pole, cement three disks. Founded in 2006, the company is located in Jining, Shandong Province, the hometown of Confucius and Mences-with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Now, the company has fixed assets of 20 million yuan, covers an area of 40,000 square meters (including 8,000 square meters of construction area), and has 185 employees, including 19 technicians and 15 people with a college degree or above. Since its establishment in 2006, with strong strength, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, high quality products in just a few years, it has jumped into the advanced ranks of cement products industry in Shandong Province. Jining City government has been named the "contract-keeping unit"; For three consecutive years, Jining City Bureau of Quality and technical supervision was awarded "product quality trustworthy unit", Alibaba credit pass third-party certification enterprise, the company around the long-term and telecom, Unicom, mobile, State grid cooperation, product quality stability, by the Ministry of electric power industry, provincial Bureau of technical supervision building materials industry product testing center for many times, All the technical indicators have reached or exceeded the GB/T4623-2014 requirements.

How many years can cement pole use, directly related to the quality. Because some small cement pole manufacturers in order to improve benefits and family planning costs, use inferior cement and steel, the quality of the raw material itself is poor, the quality of the cement pole produced will also decline. Thus affect the service life of the pole, shorten the service life of the cement pole.
How to extend the service life of cement pole
In order to prolong the service life of cement pole, Qufu Song Li Power Engineering Co., LTD., using cement, cold drawn 3 level steel bar as raw material, plus cement pole production technology and strict inspection technology. The cement poles produced by this method are of superior quality and have a longer service life than ordinary poles.

In addition to the quality factors of cement pole, the later construction also directly affects the life of cement pole. In order to reduce the difficulty of construction, some construction teams do not place cement chassis and cement chuck when erecting cement poles, and do not pull wire at corners and terminals. What's more, they used a 10kv low voltage pole on a 35kv high voltage line, with tragic results.

Bian Xiao suggested that most power construction teams, when assembling cement poles, can place a cement chassis on the foundation part, with the purpose of placing the pole sinking; In addition, one or two cement chucks should be placed at the root, and the pole should be placed into a side-to-side dumping. The Angle and terminal position must be very important. The type of pole must correspond strictly to the drawing of the design institute. Corners are not allowed to be cut.

In short, if the service life of cement poles is improved, Bian Xiao suggested that, on the one hand, manufacturers should strictly comply with the national standard production process; On the other hand, the majority of construction units to set up poles in accordance with the corresponding operation specifications, must not cut corners.
Performance pledge
1. Our large-scale production enables us to have sufficient guarantee in the supply of products. The supply of conventional products can be started after the signing of the contract, and the supply of special rod orders can be started 15 days after the signing of the contract.
2, ensure that the raw materials used are in line with national standards.
3, through strict process supervision and product acceptance to ensure that the factory products meet the national standards.
4. In the process of participating in and completing the bidding work, fulfillment of supply contracts, after-sales service and product operation, excellent style and punctual supply left a good and deep impression on customers, which was praised by provincial and municipal (county) electric power companies, and made contributions to the development of local and national electric power industry.
The company guarantees to do better than before in the future service, to provide customers with more thoughtful, efficient, quality service.

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