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About the characteristics of 15 meters cement pole
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  • Time:2023-03-07
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My company produces all kinds of ring cement concrete pole, equal diameter pole, cement three disks. Founded in 2006, the company is located in Jining, Shandong Province, the hometown of Confucius and Mences-with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Now, the company has fixed assets of 20 million yuan, covers an area of 40,000 square meters (including 8,000 square meters of construction area), and has 185 employees, including 19 technicians and 15 people with a college degree or above. Since its establishment in 2006, with strong strength, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, high quality products in just a few years, it has jumped into the advanced ranks of cement products industry in Shandong Province. Has been Jining City government named as the "contract and keep faith unit"

For 15 meters of cement pole we are also common, although the specific do not know how long, but it is about can be seen, this lengthened cement pole, the requirements of processing more strict, cement pole durable, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, this is the characteristics of 15 meters of cement pole.

All kinds of early poles started from wooden poles, even including high voltage line poles which were not too high voltage grade.

Later, due to the development of steel and concrete, combined with technical exploration, the principle of centrifugal force manufacturing, reinforced concrete conical cement pole, equal diameter cement pole replaced most of the wooden pole, cement pole is durable, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, high strength, crack resistance.

And the applicable wood gradually scarce, cement pole appearance is smooth and beautiful, more convenient for city beautification, the city inside is basically difficult to see the wood pole.

But in some less developed places to erect telephone lines also use the wooden pole, because the wooden pole light weight, convenient erection, and the telephone line bearing and tension is small, the wooden pole can be competent, if there are changes in the telephone line, the pole is also convenient. So, there are parts of the wooden telephone poles.

We do not think that 15 meters of cement pole is not need maintenance, 15 meters of cement pole late when we should also strengthen the maintenance of it, the correct maintenance method can increase its service life, and then durable cement pole if unreasonable use will cause damage.