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12 meters cement pole installation design tips
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  • Time:2023-03-07
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Qufu Song Li Power Engineering Co., LTD., (mobile phone: +8613639411999) is the production of various ring cement concrete pole, equal diameter pole, cement three disks. Founded in 2006, the company is located in Jining, Shandong Province, the hometown of Confucius and Mences-with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Now, the company has fixed assets of 20 million yuan, covers an area of 40,000 square meters (including 8,000 square meters of construction area), and has 185 employees, including 19 technicians and 15 people with a college degree or above. Since its establishment in 2006, with strong strength, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, high quality products in just a few years, it has jumped into the advanced ranks of cement products industry in Shandong Province. Jining City government has been named the "contract-keeping unit"; For three consecutive years, Jining City Bureau of Quality and technical supervision was awarded "product quality trustworthy unit", Alibaba credit pass third-party certification enterprise, the company around the long-term and telecom, Unicom, mobile, State grid cooperation, product quality stability, by the Ministry of electric power industry, provincial Bureau of technical supervision building materials industry product testing center for many times, All the technical indicators have reached or exceeded the GB/T4623-2014 requirements.

12 meters of cement pole installation design tips, how to design cement pole, according to the thickness of the erection of the wire design cement pole model. According to our current social development, cement pole is essential for the erection of electric power, communication and other lines, cement pole has brought a vital foundation for our economic and social development, improve rural living conditions, solve the basic difficulties in the use of rural lighting, electric appliances.
First, design cement poles;
1, cement pole design in accordance with the erection of the line, according to the thickness of the erection of the line wire, decide what type and specification of cement pole to use.
2. for example; Rural residents use electricity to erect 45 square meters of steel core aluminum stranded wire with 12 meters of prestressed pole, erection of insulated overhead line more than 95 square meters of non-prestressed cement pole.
3, the design of cement pole distance, according to the geographical basis and appropriate, in the plain area and the mountain distance is not the same, in the mountain area to design the rod distance of 50 meters is appropriate, plain area is suitable for 60 meters.
Second, the choice of cement pole quality;
1, choose cement pole how to judge? Cement pole quality is in line with national standards, through the cement pole appearance observation, cement pole surface smooth, cement pole heart smooth.
2, the pole head thickness is uniform, no post, thin phenomenon, no silt.
3, no internal leakage tendons, external leakage tendons.
4. There is no oar running phenomenon, and there is no crack caused by oar running phenomenon at the junction of the pole and the die mouth.